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The Cupcake Princess Story

Cupcake Princess was created when my two beautiful Princess’s and I decided to sell our
Cupcakes at the Adelaide Museum Kids Market. We baked and decorated our Cupcakes, packed them off and sold them all!!

I watched and helped my mum bake almost every day, I learned so much from her.Now she comes to help me. You gotta love your mum!!

4 years later it became a business. Our Cupcakes taste fabulous, they are all natural with no preservatives or additives. Our icing is to die for!! Just wait till you taste it, you will want more…

A great Cupcake starts with the freshest and finest ingredients, mixed together with a whole lot of
passion. Our Cupcakes are all individually hand made from scratch on the premises.

We use the freshest ingredients: free range local eggs, real whole milk, vanilla extract, flour and butter. Nothing else except for love. I like to support local producers and always buy South Australian.

Our cupcakes are baked fresh on the morning of your order, so if you need to add to your order you can do so right up to the night before.